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It’s been a long time…..I shouldn’t have left you.

Without a dope post to bless you….

I know, it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but it’s been a very busy couple of weeks and I really hadn’t had the time to gripe and offer my opinions on quite a few things. I have missed out on various things from the Herman Cain “sexual harassment” scandal to the yearly royal collapse of my beloved Buffalo BILLS.

Over the last few weeks my wife and I have been busy with family and finally had our church wedding. With family visiting it was kind of hard to take an hour or so away from family to sit and write, so here I am, weeks since my last post and what do I have to write? Nothing. Damn, I guess life is good.

As it turns out, we have family visiting for Thanksgiving this week and our home will once again be filled with loved ones. We are very excited and happy to have family over, especially with our sons baptism happening on the Saturday after turkey day. I don’t really “celebrate” Thanksgiving, I look at it as a day off where we can consume massive amounts of turkey, side dishes and watch football in between trips to and from the kitchen picking on the turkeys carcass for cold meat. I know I’m not the only one who does that….

Well, there are a couple things that have gotten under my skin. Here are a few…..Where shall I start?

-I’m really tired of these Occupy Wall Street protests going on. When are they going to Occupy Congress or the Federal Reserve? Go to the root of the problem, not the beneficiaries. The whole Occupy Wall Street movement is like the War on Drugs where the police focus their efforts on neighborhood crackheads and corner store drug dealers instead of going after those who supply the drugs in the first place……

-For the last time, Latino is an IDENTITY, not a Race. Next time someone tries to tell me that Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz aren’t black but Dominican, they are getting punch in the throat. Seriously, it’s getting really old and tiring trying to have this discussion with people. We’re damn near at the end of 2011, and people still don’t know the difference between Nationality/Identity and Race?

-Coming to the close of 2011 and I must say, my favorite Hip Hop album has got to be the Album which was put out by a very talented Hip Hop duo….No, I’m not talking about Kanye and Jay-Z and their Watch The Throne project (which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to), but it was the Motor City duo of Eminem and Royce da 5’9″ Bad Meets Evil’s Hell: The Sequel. I have never been a big fan of Eminem and have been a moderate listener of Royce, but this album, gets repeat play on my phone and in the car. It’s that good.

-I hate television shows that begin with a big BANG and follow up an amazing first season with a dud…..I’m looking at you Walking Dead. Seriously, WTF happened to you? Not since NBC’s Heroes, has a television program showed so much promise and excitement in it’s first season, only to follow up with a second season that not only disappointed fans, but completely pissed us off. I gave up on Heroes after season 2, which was a Hollywood Writers Strike shortened season BTW, but I seriously am losing interest in The Walking Dead and don’t think I will even watch once the show comes back from their mid-season hiatus after the new year. Perhaps I can finally read the comics which have been on my Touchpad for the last few months….who the hell am I kidding, I know I’ll watch when the show is back on, but it will be under duress.

Some quick takes:

-The NBA is still locked out….has anyone else really noticed? Just when I thought the Knicks were going to have a good year…..

– We’re just over 3 years from 2015. That’s the year Doc Brown and Marty McFly visited in Back to the Future II. Who wants to bet that Hollywood has a remake planned, set in 2015 where Marty McFly (Justin Beiber perhaps) travels back to 1985….you know its going to happen. BTW, I want my Hoverboard already DAMMIT! We already got the shoes!

-You have to be a special type of jerk person to wait in line on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday to officially open at 12am…

-Is it just me or does Ron Paul look like Magneto?

-In 2008 the Buffalo BILLS opened the season at 5-1 and gave their Hall of Fame coach, Dick Jauron, a nice contract extension….they finished the season at 7-9. This year, the Bills start off at 4-1 and give Ryan Fitzpatrick a new $59 million dollar contract…they are currently 5-5….coincidence?

Well, that’s it for now. I hope everyone has a great week and a great holiday if you celebrate. Until next time.