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Hindsight is 2020

Hindsight is 2020

Each January, with the arrival of a New Year is the coming hope of a better year than the one that ended. In my forty-two years on earth, I cannot think of a more difficult year than the one that just ended. The year 2020 was one we may all need to put an asterisk next to. I like to call it the “Forgotten Year” of our lives.

Living through a Pandemic that lead to the recession that unfortunately effected many American lives due to failed leadership in Washington, it’s very easy to see why many are excited to turn the page on 2020, especially with new leadership moving into our nation’s capital. I speak from experience as I was one of the millions of American’s who lost their job due to the pandemic.

That said, we still have to be vigilant here at home.

At the time of this writing, our hometown Buffalo BILLS have clinched the AFC East Championship for the first time since I was in my junior year at McKinley High School, back in 1995.

Living here in Florida, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited and wished I could go out and celebrate with fellow BILLS fans as they arrived back home in the winter night, to a crowd of thousands. Sitting here in my living room though, I saw footage of the “BILLS Mafia” celebrating their team at the airport, people crowded, circling cars as they drove by trying to get a glimpse of their football heroes.

Two things I didn’t see much of was social distancing nor masks.

We are still in a pandemic people! Regardless of what some business owners think, we need to be mindful of ourselves and the safety of those most vulnerable.

Although we are all aware there are two vaccines that are being given, there is no telling how this virus will mutate, as it already has in the UK. Celebrate your BILLS but do it at a distance, from home and away from others.

I would love to see the BILLS in the Super Bowl, but sadly, seeing the crowds of people cheering their playoff berth and AFC Championship, I can’t help but think there are folks in that crowd that may not survive to see it happen if the BILLS do reach the big game come early February.

Wear your masks. Keep your distance and celebrate the New Year with a better focus on ridding this virus. Let us not bring in those 2020 habits with us into the New Year, but leave them back in the year 2020 where they belong.

Let’s make the phrase “hindsight is 2020” come true, and look toward the future with a safer, healthier mindset.

I truly believe the year 2021 will bring on many great things, but it all of course starts with us here at home.

Keep social distancing, keep safe and wear your masks and GO BILLS!!!

Until next time.

Siembra Como el Jíbaro Siembro

December is upon us and while colder weather and the holiday season is in full swing, it isn’t too late to start planting or watering seeds.

It’s very common practice while scrolling through social media to see folks engage in online “challenges” for attention. Some of these challenges start off with good intentions however many are just idiotic and I usually scroll right past them. This however did get me to thinking of a new challenge; support a local business or entrepreneurs.

Our people come from very diverse backgrounds and experiences, and through these experiences our entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong. Unfortunately, many small businesses suffer early on before they can successfully turn profit due to the lack of support they receive from the people closest to them.

On my visit to Buffalo a few months back, I was happy see many of “our businesses” on Niagara Street and elsewhere throughout the Puerto Rican West Side. Whether they were restaurants, small grocery stores, hair and nail salons or even clothing shops, I’m glad to see that entrepreneurial spirit live on within our people.

These seeds aren’t only relegated to businesses either, they are ideas that can be in the form of art or cultural programs that may need an extra boost. The term “starving artist” is well known in the English lexicon, however it doesn’t have to be. If you know an artist, share their work, buy their work and wares and make sure you spread their art through word of mouth or social media. That exposure goes a long way, especially now with the holiday season, buying locally produced goods from your neighbors would mean the world to an artist struggling to get by. It will help stimulate the local economy but more importantly, help stimulate the growth of a local business owner or dreamer.

The phrase “support your own” is one I have heard for years and I cannot repeat it enough. Support our people, be the cultivators of their dreams and wishes and spread their works so that others may enjoy it.

Do you know of a great hidden gem that sells amazing pinchos? Tell a friend!

Do you know a lady who crochets awesome newborn baby outfits? Share their work!

The Latino Community on the West Side is so full of talented people who have either planted seeds or have some in need of being planted and supported with sunshine, fertile earth and water.

With the holidays coming, the best gift you can give someone could very well be the support they need to continue growing their businesses or ideas.

Be the water or sunshine that helps that seedling spout. Cultivate their ideas like our ancestors worked the cane fields, machete in hand, sowing the fruits of their labor that fed their communities.

This community here on the west side will only go as far as those who support one another.

Until next time. See you all in 2021