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Good Days are Coming

February is just around the corner and since we last touched base, we have been witnesses to a failed insurrection, a presidential impeachment and a presidential inauguration.

And that was just the first three Wednesdays in January!

The year 2021 is only a month old and already things seem to be leaning towards the better. As I write this, our hometown Buffalo BILLS were eliminated from Super Bowl contention, falling to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

Although as a BILLS fan it was very disappointing to see our team lose, it was still a hell of a season that many Buffalonians and Westsiders will remember. Honestly, I can’t complain, not many of us expected the team to go as far as it did and all the pieces are there for a good run in the coming years. The BILLS will definitely be back and good days are in the future.

With the turn of the monthly calendar, we are also seeing some positives with the COVID-19 pandemic. This of course is due to the vaccines that have been rolled out but also, with the new Biden administration creating an actual plan for mandating facial coverings in public places. We certainly are still in the thick of this pandemic, however, knowing that we have an administration in the White House that actually cares about getting a handle on the pandemic, unlike the demagogue rabble rouser that lied to his cultish followers who believed every lie his administration told over the last four years.

Joe Biden was not my first choice but he is our President and he is a man who will go above and beyond trying to heal this country from the last four years of the Trump Virus, the one that took hold of this country way before COVID-19.

As we all know February is the shortest month of the year and before we know it, Pitchers and Catchers will be reporting. March will be here very soon, and just like that, Spring is around the corner.

Flowers will bloom, birds will chirp, the sun will shine again, and before you know it, the summer sounds and smells of the West Side will be in full force.

You may ask, why am I so positive, since we still are in a pandemic, one that has taken the life of 400,000 Americans at the time of this writing. You see, we’ve made it out of 2020. More importantly, we have survived the Trump Years.

The Biden administration already has begun to undo many of the harmful executive orders Trump signed early on in his administration. There is talk of additional stimulus packages to help out those effected by the economic slowdowns. I for one am hoping there is student loan relief in the works as well.

Our country is healing, however it will take time, especially when you consider 74 million Americans voted for an open white supremacist.

Good days are ahead because, my friends, we reached the bottom on January 6th, during Insurrection Day. The day will live in infamy, however we Americans will rise above it as Americans always have.

A Quick Thoughts:

Puerto Rican Boxing Fans, get to know Edgar Berlanga. He’s 16-0 with all wins coming in the form of 1st round knockouts.

For those clamoring for DC and Puerto Rican Statehood now that Democrats have control of the House and Senate, Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey said “the votes are still not there,” so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Until next time.